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Copying for Private Use

Because culture is meant to be shared.

As a private person, you can copy protected material such as music, movies, TV-content, audio books, text and visual works for free and share with your close friends and family. The right is granted in the Norwegian Copyright Act to ensure that the public has access to culture.

The right holders receive financial compensation through an annual allocation over the Norwegian state budget, which is distributed through Norwaco for individual compensation to Norwegian and European licensees.

The compensation to Norwegian right holders is distributed through Norwaco's member organisations. Right holders in the EEA area receive compensation through Norwaco's agreements with foreign organisations. These agreements also ensure that Norwegian right holders receive compensation for private copying of Norwegian works in other EEA countries. Please click here to see the organisations.

An independent analysis company conducts annual statistical surveys of private copying in Norway to provide insight and a basis for the distribution.

Norwaco licenses use of audio and audiovisual content on the Norwegian territory on behalf of a substantial number of Norwegian and foreign authors, performing artists and producers.
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